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iLect - Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find an answer to your question or problem, please feel free to contact us.


♦ What is iLect?

iLect is a scientific computation service for researchers, engineers, data scientists and anyone who needs to use enterprise quality (high performance) computational services without any hassle.

♦ What is a 'pod'?

A 'pod' is a virtual server containing an entire Linux system including system packages, services and container environments. iLect provides a number of well developed 'pod images' that contain all the necessary software and packages for various purposes such as deep learning research, data science and even for Web development. Users can select and switch between pods according to their demands.

♦ Which browser should I use?

Only Google Chrome is currently supported. We don’t guarantee that Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer won’t cause incompatibility problems.

♦ How can I use my computation time efficiently?

Every time you take a break from working on your course, make sure you click the red ‘Stop’ button in the toolbar at the top of the page to save computing time. By clicking the blue ‘Extend’ button, you can prevent to be disconnected automatically when your session time is over.

♦ Are my files kept save on iLect?

You are responsible for backing up your files. iLect will not be liable for any loss or corruption of your data. Besides, iLect reserves the right to delete data associated with e.g. ended courses or belonging to inactive users.

♦ Which languages (kernels) are installed on iLect?

Currently, only the Python 3 kernel is installed. In addition, we can provide Python 2.7 on request.

♦ What software packages are already available?

The most popular packages for data science and machine learning are already installed and ready to be imported.

♦ Which ports does iLect use?

iLect ordinarily uses port 80 (http) and port 443 (https). However, you can allocate other ports as well. Please make sure that these ports are open.

♦ I can't type in the console or terminal?

Please switch to English text input mode if you have multiple languages installed and make sure you are using Google Chrome.

♦ I got a 'lack of memory' error.

Please close unnecessary running kernels to free memory.

♦ The system is behaving strange.

Try to restart the environment. If a blank screen appears, try switching to full screen mode. Make sure you are using Google Chrome. If you see any error messages, please let us know.

♦ Why does it take so long to for the system to load?

The first time you start a course or project, the environment needs to be initialized, which can take several minutes.

♦ How can I upload or download data?

You can open a terminal window in iLect and transfer data by using bash commands such as scp or rsync.

♦ Can I transfer my data from iLect to Google Drive?

You can easily transfer your data with gdrive.

$ wget -O gdrive ''
$ chmod +x gdrive
$ tar cvzf <compressed file> <file or directory>
$ ./gdrive upload <compressed file>
$ rm gdrive
$ rm -rf .gdrive

♦ Can I transfer my data from iLect to my Dropbox account?

If you want to transfer data to your Dropbox account, you first need to generate an OAuth 2 access token. You can do so easily by clicking the “Generate” button on the App Console of any Dropbox API app. After that, please insert the generated token code into the command below and execute it.

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <access token>" -T <file>

iLect Edu (Student)

♦ I cannot modify the files in my course.

Please create a folder in your home directory and copy the files that you want to modify from the 'readonly' folder into your own folder. The lecturers will be able to see the files in your private folder.

♦ I cannot see new content in my dashboard.

In some cases it can be necessary to restart the environment for the modifications to become visible.

iLect Edu (Lecturer)

♦ How do I provide lecture material to my students?

All files that you add to the 'public' folder can be seen by your students.

♦ How many students can take an iLect course?

For classes which require only CPU environments, there is basically no limitation. If you are planning to provide courses which require GPU environments, please contact us for details. For now, we are able to provide GPU environments for at least 200 students at a time.

♦ Is it possible to have multiple lecturers in a course?

Yes, you can assign additional lecturers to your course. While all lecturers share the public course folder, each lecturer has their own private folder.

iLect Pro

♦ How can I share files with my team members?

You can use the 'public' folder for files that you want to share with all team members. Please note that only admins have write access to the folder. Other users can copy the files into their own private folders if they want to modify them.

♦ I cannot see new content in my dashboard.

In some cases it can be necessary to restart the environment for the modifications to become visible.

iLect Cluster

(coming soon)